DAP serious about serving the country

The cutting of the ribbon to unveil the manifesto by caretaker Prime Minister Rick Hou


Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) is committed and serious about serving the country along a good course if they are voted in again to lead the next government.

Speaking during last Tuesday’s launch of the party manifesto for the 2019 National General Elections, caretaker Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela said the manifesto is a statement of pledge by the party and it sets out DAP’s commitment to take appropriate actions and policies to address the economy if they are re-elected.

“It is the promise to serve all the citizen of this country.

Hou stated that the manifesto acknowledges the country’s heavy dependence on natural resources with recognition of the wealth which it has in store.

He uttered that DAP will not shy away and refrain from making decisions according to their policy.

“DAP will not shy away or refrain from making those bad decision in fact as stipulated under its intended 100 days, DAP Government and will keep the job running, there is no time to waste,” Mr Hou said.

Hou stressed that the manifesto also highlights the critical role of developing partners like civil society groups, churches, private sector and community-based organisations that can also bring change to this nation.

“DAP also recognise that private sector are the engine for economic growth,” Mr Hou said.

Mr Hou said that the DAP will invest more toward transformation of the public service to be more efficient accountable, transparent and productive effective in delivery of services to the people of Solomon island.

He said also that the party of constituency offices will enhance to complement the role of the provincial government as a delivery channel for rural development.

Meanwhile, Hou said that a political stable environment is crucial for good government national security partners conference, this are ingredient for good progressive government.