Danny Phillip Challenge Candidates

UDP President Danny Philip Delivering his key note address.


PRESIDENT of United Democratic Party (UDP) Danny Philip has challenged local intending candidates vying to contest the upcoming 2019 national general election to adjust the role of democratic governance in the country.

Philip made the challenging statement at the launch programme of the United Democratic Party (UDP) recently held at the National Museum Auditorium in Honiara.

He questioned which side they are on? Will they continue to govern institutions or governing real people in your country?

“Today is 40 years on and we have never even started governing the country as yet.

“We think to ourselves that governing the state institutions which emanated from our national constitution is all that matters, it is all we need in order to govern Solomon Islands.

“Solomon Island is not an institution, let this be very clear to us, Solomon Island is a social institution. It has experience governance of so many cultures and traditional values,” Former PM Philip said.

Philip added Solomon Island is about real people; it is a real country with people who have dreams, hopes and aspiration.

“The stark reality is that about 90% of people live in every villages and hamlet throughout the length of this country.

“My friends it is not until we start governing our people through fundamental reforms. I am afraid we will never govern Solomon Islands to become a unified and inclusive country,” Philip said.

He added that fewer believers and too many followers who usually have absolutely no clue at all as to why they wish to be in political parties.

“Political parties has been regarded and used as water crossing ferries to getting people from one side of the river to the other.”

He said after getting there they would disembark and abandoned ship and have no need for the ship again until they want to cross the river again.

Meanwhile, Philip said that their party candidate knows what their party stand for and they believe in their two parallel reform program for 2019 NGE.

Philip previously served four terms in the National Parliament of Solomon Islands between 1984 and 2001. He was narrowly elected the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands on 24 August 2010, following the 2010 general election.