Call for Unity: Local Chinese Face Online Discrimination

Youth Calls for Unity and Respect for the Chinese Community

Youth calls for unity and respect for the Chinese community.


SOLOMON Islanders have been urged to unite behind the country’s Chinese community amid discrimination stemming fears over coronavirus.

The call comes as some individuals took to social media, hiding behind fake accounts to post discriminatory information online which could diminish the Chinese community.

“It is a virus we call the coronavirus, not China virus so it is important that people do not discriminate against our Chinese community.

“Please everybody must do the right thing and show respect, treat everybody equally and goes about your normal business,” a youth who request anonymity said.

The Solomon Islands Government has recently imposed travel regulations that restrict the entry of any persons who have been to countries with confirmed coronavirus.

The travel restrictions were also imposed on government officials, Members of Parliament and the general public to travel to China and further restriction of non-essential travel to other countries with confirmed coronavirus cases.

The Government in the meantime, through a statement, told the public not to be afraid as health and other responsible authorities are working hard behind the scene to contain the spread of the virus.