Coronavirus: Local Students Fear Death in Philippines

Students Call for Nationwide Prayers as Coronavirus Cases Rises in Quezon City

Local Mass Communication student, Victor Bobby Bosali told Sunday Isles, it is not safe anymore for them to remain in the Philippines.


SOLOMON Islands students studying in the Philippines are pleading to the Solomon Islands Government for their safe return home amid the rise of the coronavirus’ outbreak in the Philippines.

The Philippines’ Department of Health (DOH) over the weekend has reported 10 new cases of the Coronavirus 2019 (#COVID19) bringing the total confirmed cases to 24.

Local students are extremely scared for their lives as Quezon City, which is closer to AMA University’s main campus – where most of the students have resided is at the center of coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines.

In a statement from the Solomon Islands Philippines Students Association (SIPSA), the students were all safe and were staying indoors despite the weekend’s announcement on the confirmed cases.
However, the news of the latest case close to their campus earlier today has fueled anxiety among local students.

“At the moment we are just following what the Health Authorities here wanted us to do. We sincerely asked our families and parents back to remember us in their prayers.

“If there is any way possible then please we asked our government to send us back home before it is too late for us,” the statement said.

According to CNN Philippines as of yesterday, the Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte signed a Proclamation No. 922 declaring a state of public health emergency following a confirmed local transmission of the coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

Local Mass Communication student, Victor Bobby Bosali told Sunday Isles, it is not safe anymore for them to remain in the Philippines.

He said the virus is now spreading rapidly.

“To make things worse, Bobby said musk was out of stock in every pharmacy as well.

“Responsible authorities please take into consideration of our current state.

“Living and studying here is and will not safe for us anymore.

“Our only hope now is God, and we pray that he will protect us and keep us safe in this hard time,” Bosali said.

As new cases being confirmed every day in the Philippines, it has put pressure on students for an immediate return to the Solomon Islands. However, the students are still waiting for a response from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.

SIPSA President Aurthur Mola urged the local students to remain calm and refrain from panicking as they wait for any feedback from the ministry responsible.

At the moment, the Solomon Islands students are now complying to the measures recommended to them by the Philippines’ Department of Health – which is to avoid going to closer to crowded areas, always keep the mouth and throat moisture (take water /liquid after 15mins, eat healthy foods (fruits and vegetables), avoid contact with people that has common signs and symptoms such as flu, cough, high fever, etc. and put on facial mask when going outside the apartment or going out to buy foods.