Coronavirus Fears: Facemasks Sold Out Across Honiara

The surge in sales has resulted in complete outages of masks at the Hyper Chem Pharmacy in Point Cruz.


STORES and pharmacies are now starting to run low or without facemasks as growing fears of coronavirus spread across Honiara.

Locally, the scene is playing out in real life in stores and pharmacies. The surge in sales has resulted in complete outages of facemasks at the Hyper Chem Pharmacy.

At the Hyper Chem in Point Cruz, a small section allocated for facemask products were barren Thursday morning. Across the pharmacy counter, a female employee, Prudence Toamana was overheard telling a customer not to expect more facemask on the shelves in the coming weeks ahead.

Prudence revealed that the recent high daily demand for the masks and sanitizers in the pharmacy had forced the facemask stocks to run out yesterday.

She said recently ordinary citizens in Honiara including other Government Ministries and non-government organizations including private companies and businesses have placed their orders but the stocks are now not available.

“The government ministries, organizations and private businesses recently ordered 8-10 tons of facemasks but unfortunately we cannot meet their demands for now, because not even any single face mask is available at our pharmacy; everything is now out of stock,” she said.

The pharmacy is only permitted the cartoon sales of face mask and no single sales, which is cost $250 per carton.

With concerns about the coronavirus coming into the country, locals are stocking up, and they will find more empty shelves in shops and pharmacies. However, Local health officials are instead encouraging people to avoid the risk of infection by washing their hands frequently and thoroughly.