Community Encouraged to Look after Water Source

Water source in West Kwaio in Malaita province.


FOR ten years, eight respective Communities in Ward 28 of West Kwaio Constituency in Malaita Province have benefited the Australian government-funded water supply project to improve the quality of the people’s lives in the rural area.

The water supply project was established in 2009, and it provided the construction of a proper water dam and the availability of standpipes with taps for villagers to essentially use for drinking, swimming, and cooking.

A Landowner from Tawado Community in West Kwaio, Francis Maefai said it is very important that everyone residing in Ward 28 is responsible for the water conservation of the constructed water supply project.

“It’s a privilege and opportunity for the respective communities in Ward 28 of West Kwaio to take ownership of such a milestone water supply project.

“I would like to encourage everyone to practice water conservation within their community. In addition to conserving water in your own home, it’s important to become part of the community to respect and look after whatever that is provided under the water supply project.

“You’ll never convince anyone to conserve water if you aren’t doing it yourself,” Maefai added.