Christmas Comes Early for David and Other Winners at Soltuna Super-Draw

    David Kaua Congradulated by Sol-tuna staff


    HELD in the full force of the afternoon sun, Sol-tuna Super-draw Jackpot Promotion held in front of ITA Hardware building in Honiara was a success.

    A good number of the public turn out at the draw event and present from the beginning till the end of the event despite the burning Sun.

    As advertised 2 months prior to the grand draw today, if a tuna label has been picked and the name of a particular winner is announced, the winner however must have to prove his identity by answering his or her phone at the first ring. The chance comes only once, if the winner isn’t picking up just once or the phone is power off, he or she will be immediately disqualified and new winner will be again randomly picked from the big box of labels by a random individual, chosen from the public.

    For David Kaua, his luck have seemed to run out with the announcement of all the first 9 prizes and now the first prize. His name was not in the list of winners.

    But then, the recipient for the first prize was disqualified because she has not picked up her phone.

    David stood at the back of the crowd near the Underground pedestrian pass, listening attentively as another member of the crowd was again chosen to pick a tuna label.

    The winner of the Sol-tuna Super-draw Jackpot Promotion is…..…. David Kaua”, Zfm’s DJ TomTom shouts through the big speakers.

    According to David, for a spit second he was speechless and he can’t move. Luck seems to be at his side miraculously, all his hard work collecting the Tuna Labels, seems to be paid off.

    He collects himself back together and easily walk to the front where the Sol-tuna staff and the announcers was organizing. When DJ‘Tomtom’ called David’s phone, he (David) stood right at the side of the organizers tent and said, “I’m here.” The Sol-tuna staff looked at him and told him to answer his phone and say something to prove his identity – he shouted, “TOMTOM” and the rest is history.

    Christmas has come early for David and other winners in Sol-tuna Grand Draw.

    According to the Trade Development Officer of Sol-Tuna, Isirele Saelea, they did not expect the event to be as successfully as today.

    He said the prizes is a Christmas Present to the winners now that December is just around the corner.

    On behalf of Sol-Tuna Marketing team, we would like to thank all participants and participating outlets in and around Honiara, from Visale to GPPOL. Thank you very much for taking part in this promotion,” he said.

    Mr. Saelea said this year, 2020 is a very hard year for businesses and individuals because of the COVID-19 situation.

    Because of this, the Sol-tuna company is like – rewarding and giving back to the people,” he said.

    The Sol-Tuna Trade Development Officer, Mr. Isirele Saelea in the meantime said depending on –if they see fitting, another promotion will be organized next year.