‘CCTV Cameras to be Installed at All Quarantine Stations’

CCTV cameras to be nstalled at all quarantine stations...photo source - ebay.com


WITH the arrival of the COVID-19 into the country, some loopholes had been identified which expose the weaknesses in the preparations and systems used by the oversight committee and the front line workers.

One of which is having difficulty in monitoring those that are inside the quarantine facilities, whether or not they follow protocols imposed on them.

In his Nationwide Special Address, Prime Minister Sogavare had suggested that CCTV equipment be install at all (QS) Quarantine Stations including the hospital.

“The arrival of COVID-19 had exposed weaknesses in our preparations and systems that need to be addressed through appropriate technology.

“My government is in consultation with vendors of CCTV equipment to install CCTV equipment at all quarantine facilities, the field hospital, the NRH isolation units, and the various command centres to enhance real-life monitoring and communication,” Sogavare said.

Installing CCTV equipment at the quarantine stations will also enable easier communication with those inside the facilities.