Cash for Grades: Students Fake Grades for Scholarship Admission at SINU

Students fake grades for scholarship admission at the Solomon Islands National University.


WITH the recent university admissions scandal breaking the news, one frustrated student, who wants to remain anonymous revealed how local students scammed their way into Solomon Islands National University.


The student said what he finds will cause a shock wave across the country. What he uncovered was that few students have faked their grades to meet the admission requirement on the 2021 online Government Scholarship Application so they could get into Solomon Islands National University (SINU) and their actions are aided by certain printing and typing service providers in Honiara.


He said that the practice has been going on for quite some time now and it’s about time responsible authorities address it accordingly.


The student revealed witnessing one of his classmates at the SINU along with another student pay a sum of $50 per copy of their transcripts to have their grades changed for better scores at a Printing and scanning service provider at the Point Cruz area.


“The printing, typing, and scanning service providers who are helping the students in carrying out their dishonest practices are local business operators located in Honiara’s Central Business District (CBD).


“I strongly condemn students who are directly involved and also the business operators, this activity is illegal. The most eligible and hard-working students at our schools and Universities deserve the scholarship awards, however, this illegal system may bring a lot of disadvantages and improper selection of candidates.


“Both students and the business operators should be very much ashamed of themselves, they should be taken accountable through our judiciary system for doing such illegal activities,” the concerned student told Sunday Isles Newspaper.


He said this concern is very important and in support of all honest students he will be taking the concern to responsible authorities to thoroughly scrutinize and carefully check student’s grades for verification before publishing the scholarship award lists.


A similar scandal involving fake scholarship awards was also uncovered by the National Training Unit, a unit responsible for the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD), according to reports cited from Solomon Star.


“The officers within the MEHRD accepted cash to include one’s name in the final awardees of the government scholarships.


“The MEHRD confirmed that the issue of fake scholarship awards was more common in 2019, and the ministry is working hard to ensure such activities are avoided,” the report cited.


Sunday Isles Newspaper understands that the government (SIG) Scholarships online application has already closed on January 31.


Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has announced recently that this year 2021, there will be no scholarships to study overseas, only for students studying in-country.