Borderline Community Urges HCC to Address Illegal Short Bus Routes

Borderline community urges HCC to address illegal short bus routes.

BORDERLINE Community in East Honiara has call on the Honiara City Council (HCC) to keep up with its fight to stop illegal short bus routes in Honiara.

A spoke man for the Community, Robert Saeni said many buses working along the Naha and Kola Ridge road have already breached the HCC Bus Routes Ordinance.

“They have not made their destination back to Central Market as termination point instead some buses continue to serve bus routes from SDA to Border and SDA to Talise and back.

“I want to remind Councillor and Deputy Mayor Eddie Ngava, who is the head of the Taskforce about the ongoing non compliance of buses who have continued to practise the illegal short bus routes because many passengers have to take two buses to reach their destination as far as point Cruz.

“I also want to call on the HCC to deploy some of its law enforcement officers to station at the Borderline bus especially to apprehend those buses that continue to provide short route bus services.

“We need law fearing bus operators to serve that particular area of Naha and Kola ridge,” Saeni added.

Meanwhile all bus owners and drivers are once again urged to be cautious and comply with HCC conditions and regulations to avoid such incidents.

Also the public have been urged to continue monitor and report any bus with their plate numbers, which are not complying by calling 21191.