Barainagho Health Centre in Dire State, Urgent Assistance Need

Barainagho Rural Health Centre in the remote region of weather coast in South Guadalcanal.


BARAINAGHO Rural Health Centre in the remote region of weather coast in South Guadalcanal is in a dire need of urgent assistance on essential resources to help with its operation.

Main areas of assistance includes funding for renovation and transportation.

Seven years on, Barainagho Rural Health Centre reached a rundown state as it urgently needs attention from responsible authority.

The clinic is one among the many projects in the country that is funded by the Japanese government through the Japan Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security Project in 2013.

Sunday Isles understands numerous calls were been made to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for assistance but to date, nothing happens.

Barainagho Rural Health Centre Chairman, Gabriel John Velegalia expressed that additional chairs and beds, lights and an Out Boat Motor engine (OBM) is what the clinic needs at the moment besides the support for renovation work.

“There were several call that we already made to responsible authorities like the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

“This was to see if they can help us renovate our clinic as you can see it is now in its bad state – the walls and the ceiling were all eaten away by termites.

“Just recently, the lights are not as well working and this clinic sits in total darkness during nights,” Chairman Gabriel John told Sunday Isles.

He furthered; “one of the important thing we also asked for is for an Out Boat Motor engine and a boat to transport our fatally ill patients to Honiara.

“At the moment if we refer a sick patient to the National Referral Hospital (NRH), we normally would seek permission from our nearby clinic if we can use their boat but that depends on the availability of boat, if it is engaged, then we have to look for other alternatives,” he added.