Availability of blood at the National Referral Hospital Critical to Saving Lives: Red Cross

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THE Red Cross Voluntary Blood Donation Program Volunteers along with Club 25 Members, a grassroots global social club for youth committed to saving lives by regularly donating blood held a Mentoring program on 22nd June 2020 at the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society’s headquarter.

According to a Red Cross Statement, the program looks at evaluating the work done so far in terms of awareness conducted and discuss ways in which messages can be best shared to the public to get them on board and be volunteer blood donors.

“ Those are volunteers who are part of the Volunteer Blood Donation Program and are providing support in conducting voluntary blood donation awareness in communities within Honiara and at times, in other areas too.

“The aim is to be able to get people to voluntary donate blood at the blood centre or whenever the technical team from the Ministry of Health and the Red Cross do community voluntary blood donation drives,” the Red-Cross statement said.

The statement continues that currently, the issue of blood supply at the National Referral Hospital is still the same which is – we still need to have more volunteer blood donors.

“Having blood always available has been proven to be a great barrier against unnecessary preventable deaths at the National Referral Hospital (NRH),” the statement said.

In relation to ‘if it is safe to donate blood during the Coronavirus pandemic’ – the Solomon Islands Red-Cross Society advised the public that the process of donating blood is still the same, as the Country does not have a case as yet.

“In saying this, the Blood Centre technicians are there to assist during donations and if you have any questions on the process, then you are welcome to ask them,” the Red-Cross Statement said.

“Availability of blood at the National Referral Hospital is critical to saving lives and getting people to voluntary donate blood to save lives is an important task.”

The Importance of voluntary blood donation as an integral part of human health was recognised at the World Blood Donor Day on 14th of June 2020.

The International event was held to thank voluntary blood donors who have been so kind in coming forward to donate blood to help save someone’s life and to encourage others to also come forward to voluntarily donate blood to save life.