Australian SWP Employer Visits Local Employees

The Group crossing a flooded bridge to get to the village.

THE remote communities of Baesango and One’one village in West Kwaraáe, Malaita recently received several visitors from Australia.

Mrs. Kerry Mccarthy who owns Grace Kate Farms in Australia was here in the country from 15-22 September to visit and see for herself the benefits that her workers have received from participating under the Australia Seasonal Workers Program (SWP).

Mrs. Kerry Mccarthy currently employs 12 workers from Malaita and was here with a small group from Scots PGC College to donate laptops, school uniforms and maps for the local school in the Village.

She has also donated a boat to the Community that her workers are from.

It is not the first time for Mrs. Kerry Mccarthy to visit the village having done similar visit to her workers in the past.

It was during her last visit that the local school asked for support from her to help in any way possible.

The group from Scots PGC College; L-R, Mr Liebenberg (Chaplain), Sam Proudlove, Bridie Shooter, Grace McCarthy, Mr. David Proudlove (School Principal).

With this in mind the farm owner decided to put one of the school near to her farm in touch with the local school.

This resulted in some staff and Students from Scots PGC College in Australia accompanying her to Baesango and One’one vge in West Kwaraáe last week.

During the weeklong visit Scots PGC College offered support for the schools that they visited and also offered support to Baesango and Oneóne Community with a proposal for village infrastructure.

The visit was also a scouting trip for Scots PGC College so that they may send a bigger number of students next year as part of an exchange program.

The Visiting group thoroughly enjoyed the trip and appreciated the hardship our village communities have especially regarding school resources and support due to difficulties in accessibility.

Kerry McCarthy with her namesake, one of her worker’s daughters.

It is hoped that a bigger group of students will come next year to provide much needed school resources, books and provide basic IT training and resources for teachers.

Kerry Mccarthy is one of the long-time Approved employers under the Australia SWP scheme to recruit workers only from Solomon Islands.

She has a strong hearth to see Solomon Islanders benefiting from the SWP.

The group meeting school students and Teachers of Oneóne school and presenting them with some gifts to be used by the school.