Australia Scholarship Applicants Finalized for Interview


FOLLOWING an independent assessment, 58 applicants have been selected for interview for an Australia Award scholarship commencing study in 2020.

The approved applicants are selected out of 720 applications applying for the Australia Award scholarship next year.

Applicants who have been shortlisted for an interview will be contacted by the Australian High Commission by Friday 21 June (tomorrow). As has previously been advised, the general public is asked to note that applicants who have not been shortlisted for an interview will not be contacted. If you applied and have not been contacted by 5:00pm tomorrow you were not successful in being shortlisted for an interview.

Following reports in Honiara earlier this year of scams falsely offering Australia Awards scholarships, the Australian High Commission asks the general public to be wary of any individuals offering an interview or scholarship for study in Australia. The general public should be mindful that:

– Australian High Commission representatives never ask local people for money.
– Australian High Commission representatives only conduct business from
official email accounts – not Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or other publically available email providers.
– If you have any doubt as to whether an individual claiming to be an Australian
High Commission representative is who they say they are, you should contact the Australian High Commission either in person on the corner of Hibiscus
Avenue and Mud Alley in Honiara or by telephone on 21561.
– If you have been the victim of a scam you should report it to the police.

The Australian High Commissioner His Excellency Mr Roderick Brazier thanked all applicants.

‘I’m delighted so many Solomon Islanders applied for an Australia Award again this year. Studying in Australia is a fantastic opportunity that helps develop some of Solomon Islands’ best and brightest and strengthens the friendship between Solomon Islands and Australia.’

Australia is proud to have offered Australia Awards scholarships to Solomon Islanders since the 1980s.