Another International Artist to Rock Honiara

DJ Victor Lopez is among the instrumental figures bringing international artists into the country including Iyaz.


AS Honiara residents are slowly settling in from the New Year’s Eve hype, and the Da’Ville countdown concert; here is another international touring artist that one would never want to miss out this month.

Keidran Jones, better known by his stage name Iyaz is set to perform on January 24th at Pacific Casino Hotel, Sea Front in Honiara.

He is a multi-platinum international award-winning artist from the British Virgin Islands (a British Overseas Territory) in the Caribbean. His debut album, ‘Replay’, came out on 4 June 2010.

DJ Victor Lopez, the International Booking Agent who is instrumental in bringing international artists into the country including Iyaz confirmed the touring concert.

“Iyaz will be touring Australia & the South Pacific Islands for 10 Shows.

“Solomon Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Papua New Guinea,” he said.

He said they are expecting a massive turnout for the touring concert and he assured the public that the promoters will make sure the tickets are set at an affordable price.

“Yes, we expect a lot of people to turn up to the event. We have ensured the promoters have tickets set at an affordable price to allow everyone in Honiara to purchase.

“The venue fits close to 6,000 people at the newly renovated ‘Pacific Casino Hotel’ so we want to make this a big one too,” he added.

Dubbed the King of Island Pop, the touring artist already showed his excitement in a promotional video posted online and on social media.

“This will be my first time in the Solomon Islands and I’m so excited as this is my first South Pacific Island Tour and is going down Live at the Pacific Casino Hotel on the 24th of January,” as said in the video.

Such an artist like Iyaz who scooped various international awards to perform in the country is a stepping stone for other big artists and award-winning artists to also consider the Solomon Islands as their potential touring destination according to DJ Victor Lopez.

“We need as many artists alike to tour the Solomon Islands.

“I’ve seen that in the past not many would make it to the shores of the Solomon’s and I want to be able to change that and have the same amount of shows in Honiara just like Australia and other Pacific Island countries.

He continued: “Since I’ve been working closely with DMP the last few years, it’s been our goal to make this dream a reality.

“We want these artists to perform in the Solomon Islands and to get a first-hand glimpse of what the beautiful country – Solomon Islands is all about.

“Musically… the country’s talent is up there with the world’s best and we feel that these concerts are just another way to introduce to the world and give them inside into the musical world of the Solomon artists.

“Show your support and come along to the concert; there are many more international artists expected into the country,” DJ Lopez said.

This will be Iyaz’s 10th Anniversary Tour of his worldwide hit song – ‘Replay’ and his debut tour to the Pacific Islands. He will be performing all his smash hits include “Solo, Pretty Girls, So Big, Island Girl, Replay and many more.