70 Workers Leave for New Zealand for New Harvesting Season

The Director of External Trade Mr. Tuti talking to workers during the pre-departure briefing on yesterday.

70 seasonal workers under the New Zealand Recognized Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme left the country on today.

The workers are among the remaining groups who are leaving for the new working season in New Zealand.

The Season for work in New Zealand usually begins in October and lasts until August the following year.

As is a key requirement under the RSE scheme, the 70 workers who are mostly returning ones underwent a Pre departure briefing from officials in the Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) within the Department of External Trade of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade on Wednesday.

Pre-departure briefings are an essential compulsory component of the RSE as this is where the workers will be advised and warned on how they are to work, what to expect and behave while they are in New Zealand.

The briefing was also used for officials to thoroughly go through the workers contract to ensure that the workers fully understand the contract and what they are expected off by their employer.

During the pre-departure the Director for the External Trade Department Mr. George Tuti told the workers that they must perform well to earn enough income to save and sustain their stay while working in the orchards in New Zealand.

“You are very fortunate to be chosen from hundreds of other applicants and as such I ask you to make use of the once in a life time opportunity”.

He also stressed to the workers that they must obey and respect the laws of the host nation while working there.

“You are ambassadors for the Country and anything you do will reflect back on the country,” Mr. Tuti told the workers.

The workers were also told that they must always support each other, respect their team leader(s) and treat each other as family when working in New Zealand.

The 70 workers will be working in Hawkes Bay and Hastings harvesting and packing apples for export.

More than 300 workers are already working in various farms around New Zealand now. The numbers will increase as more workers leave in the coming weeks.