6 New Cases Irks Philippines Repatriation Flight

OPMC File Photo of an earlier Repatriation Flight (Photo: OPMC)


A repatriation flight that was scheduled for tomorrow 24th November to bring more stranded citizens home from the Philippines has been canceled to a later date.

This follows the results received by the Oversight Committee earlier in the afternoon that 6 students of the 143 passengers were tested positive for COVID-19.

“Fellow citizens, I am deeply sorry to inform you all that the repatriation flight from Manila that was scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Tuesday 24 November 2020, has been canceled to a later date.

“The reason for the cancellation is that we have just received the test results of all 143 passengers a short while ago, and 6 of the students returned positive tests for COVID-19,” Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said in his weekly media update this afternoon.

It is understood that all incoming passengers will have taken three COVID-19 tests in the 21 days before the flight and that they will only to board the plane if all three tests are negative.

“This is extremely unfortunate as this flight had been planned for a long time. We commenced our 21-days pre-departure tests 3 weeks ago on those that were scheduled to travel on this flight,” the Prime Minister said.

These latest figures of the positive cases have totaled the number of positive cases of the students in the Philippines to 24.