48 Hours Given For Students to Move into Gov’t Arranged Hotel

AMA univesrsity in the Phillipines. photo credit AMA


THE Solomon Islands Government has warned students living in the Philippines who are not yet moved into the government arranged a hotel in Manila to do so within the next two days.

Failure to do so will be assumed they are not interested in the government arranged repatriation program.

This was announced by non-other than the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare this afternoon.

“To our students in the Philippines who have not yet shifted into the government arranged hotel from yesterday, you have the next two days to do so.

“If you do not shift to the hotel, we will assume you are not interested to be considered to be under the government arranged repatriation program and that you will look after your repatriation costs,” he announced.

Parents and guardians of those students were also informed if they could ask their children to into the hotel within the next 84 hours.

“I inform the parents or guardians of the students who are still living outside of the government arranged hotel in manila, to ask their children to move to the hotel within the next 48 hours.

“I want to let you know that students who had not shifted to the government arranged accommodation will be responsible for their repatriation. The government will only be responsible that are in the government arranged accommodation,” Prime Minister Sogavare warned.