We Have Made Good Progress: PM on Corruption

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in a Match to mark International Anti-Corruption Day in 2015. Photo Credit: RNZ


Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has stated that the Anti-Corruption Day which falls on Wednesday 9th December, provides an opportunity for everyone, as a nation and as a people to commit, to collective action, in preventing and addressing corruption.

In his Nationwide address on Wednesday, Prime Minister Sogavare said the country have made good progress in its fight against Corruption.

“We have appointed the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption [SIICAC]. We have appointed our very first Solomon Islander Director General to lead the Secretariat to the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“If Corruption is not addressed, it can have devastating consequences for our economy. It will undermine our ability to effectively address many challenges facing us, including the COVID-19 Pandemic,” PM Sogavare said.

According to a Transparency Solomon Islands statement, TSI reiterated that it is time to work together against corruption, corrupt conduct, promoting good governance.

The statement noted that to date except for the efforts of the media, there is very little challenge to questionable decisions of the Executive Government, the Economic Stimulus Packages, the quarantine facility contracts etc…

“There is very little information coming out of the Executive Government to the public on matters that people are seeking information on such as the Economic Stimulus Package, [applicant list, their business, and what they applied for],” the TSI statement revealed.

In the meantime, the Transparency body commends the work of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services thriving at this time to keep the nation safe despite the fact that much of the resources that should be poured into the sector continues to be miserable, “compared to those that have gone to Members of Parliament and for the very secretive and non-transparent Economic Stimulus Package.”