ECE, Pre-Primary Year to Resume Classes Tomorrow

A HCC ECE Centre. Source:HCC File Photo


FOLLOWING the first four COVID-19 cases registered in the country early last month, the government had suspended classes for Early Childhood Education and Pre-Primary Year that were located within the Emergency Zone until further notice.

However, a talkback show, this afternoon has had some welcoming news for these important groups of school learners and their teachers, that they will resume classes by tomorrow after being approved by the Cabinet.

This was confirmed by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources (MEHRD) Dr. Franco Roddie who also participated in the talkback show.

“Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centers and Pre-Primary Years (PPY) classes that were suspended following the four confirmed cases will resume back tomorrow.

“For them to reopen, we have to seek approval from the cabinet where we have got the outcome that wanted so as of tomorrow the pupils from the ECEs and PPYs should resume their classes,” PS Roddie said.

He, therefore, urged parents to take heed of this important announcement so they prepare their children and take them to their various schools.