‘Creating a Peace Culture’ 2020 International Day of Peace

General Secretary National Council of Women (NCW), Janet Tuhaika.


SOLOMON Islands has reaffirmed its commitment towards ‘shaping peace together’ based on the theme for world peace day this year.

General Secretary National Council of Women (NCW) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Committee member, Janet Tuhaika highlighted the country’s commitment to creating a culture of peace.

“We all are peacebuilders influencing and advocating for peace with peace builders of Solomon Islands.

“As citizens and people of Solomon Islands sitting here, what are our reflections on peace-building in our society? It is peaceful, are we united, do we need to spend time to ‘Tok Peace’. Our country needs us now more than ever, new and merging disasters and conflicting related such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The media carry stories about wars and conflicts in the world today and the Solomon Islands as a country calls for peace and unity among its people today.

“Women and mothers of Solomon Islands – we are a Peace Builders and Peace Makers of our country. United we stand Divided we fall. Let us Shape Peace Together,” highlighted the General Secretary National Council of Women.

World Peace Day is observed every year on September 21. A United Nations-designated day, it was first established in 1981. This year’s theme, Shaping Peace Together, recognizes the interconnectedness of our global community.

“Every year 21st September is remembered as International Day of Peace. A time when all peacebuilding stakeholders around the world commemorate the international day of peace. The day calls on all nations of the world to commit to peace above all their differences and to contribute to building a culture of peace.

“The theme this year is shaping peace together. This is very relevant to us- we must be united to speak out all forms of violence, of any kind that threatens humans including the threat of COVID-19. The day also asks us to treat people with compassion, kindness, and love and to give hope to us at a time when there is so many anxieties, fear, and stress be it emotional and financial, a social disorder in our communities and home,” Janet Tuhaika emphasized.

On International Day of Peace, the United Nations encourages countries to observe the day by adhering to “24 hours of non-violence”.