Councillor Ngati Misleads Public: Council

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HONIARA City Council has stated that Vura ward councillor Reginald Ngati has made misleading statements in an article published in regards to the CAUSE project.

“While Ngati’s acknowledgement of the project’s achievement is appreciated, he failed to understand the partnership between CAUSE, HCC and MID,” HCC said in a statement.

The statement said that as a councillor, Ngati should have known better that CAUSE under the World Bank, is in partnership with HCC and MID to carryout projects within the City.

“Ngati seems to be not well versed with these partnerships and should not be misleading the public with his unfound commentaries,” the statement said.

HCC further acknowledged CAUSE and World Bank for the programmes established and will continue to work closely with CASUE under the partnership for the betterment of Honiara City.

“Because of the cordial working relationship between World Bank, MID and HCC, the CAUSE project will be extended for another 3 years,” the statement said.

Honiara City Council Press Statement