Youths Pay Respect for Lives Lost

Youths representing the Rotaract Club of Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo Source: Rotaract Club of Honiara SI.


A group of youths representing the Rotaract Club of Honiara, Solomon Islands, on more shot photography members, all Saints youths plus other youths in Honiara has joined together to pay respect and tribute to the 27 lives that were lost in the recent sea tragedy on Friday 3rd of April.

The group of youths turn up at the wharf yesterday (7th April) evening and lit twenty-seven (27) candles to commemorate the twenty-seven (27) lives that were lost in the sea tragedy.

It was a moving and heart-rending scene as a heartfelt remembrance prayer was offered and a moment of silence was observed.

“We remember those family members, relatives and friends that lost their loved ones in this sea tragedy and we pray that God will give you all comfort, peace, and hope in this sorrowful moment.” A youth expressed.

“May their soul – all rest in peace with the Almighty Father in Heaven and may their families all find comfort during this time of bereavement.”

Many organizations and individuals have called on the Government for a commission of inquiry into the tragic incident stating that the sad tragedy is a disaster that must never be brushed aside and forgotten just because of COVID 19 or that the country being put under the State of Emergency Powers.

Recent reports from the Royal Solomon Islands Police force (RSIPF) have updated that of the 27 people that were missing or have swept from M.V Taimareho that tragic night, only 6 bodies – three females and three males have been recovered at sea near Maka and Uhu Village in South Malaita.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Patrol boat (RSIPV) GIZO has withdrawn from the search for the 27 missing people.

The patrol boat Gizo joined in the search as from 4 April together with the MV Taimareho, RSIPF officers from Auki and other members of the local communities in West Are‘are and South Malaita.

According to Director of RSIPF Maritime Department, Chief Superintendent Charles Fox Sau, unfortunately, they had to withdraw the patrol boat GIZO from the search and rescue mission for the missing people to refuel and restock rations.

“The patrol boat had just returned from a surveillance patrol when it had to rush to Tulagi to seek shelter from the tropical cyclone last Thursday 2 April 2020.

“While there at Tulagi it was directed to join the search for the missing people off the MV Taimareho without having been refueled and re-rationed after the surveillance trip. After three days taking part in the search operation it had to return to Aola Base in Honiara,” Chief Superintendent Charles Fox Sau explained.