Guadalcanal Province Wants Immediate Lock-down to its Boundaries

The Guadalcanal Provincial government is looking at indefinite blocking its borders with Honiara.


THE Guadalcanal Provincial government is looking at indefinite blocking its borders with Honiara to control the movement of people from crossing over to either side.

Guadalcanal Premier Francis Sade said the provincial assemble has made few resolutions in preparedness for the Coronavirus issue which closing its two borders is one of them.

The reason behind this according to the Premier is to restrict people’s movement, people going to the beach during weekends for a picnic to those in the village coming to town.

As a concern leader of Guadalcanal, he said such movement is causing a huge risk for the people of Guadalcanal.

Premier Sade said with the state of emergency, his government does not have the power to make any decision, however, they forwarded these resolutions to the Prime Minister’s office to see if they can implement it.

In preparedness for this Coronavirus, the assembly has made few resolutions and one of them is for us to lock up our two boundaries of Guadalcanal province.

“Though we do not have the power to mandate, we forwarded our resolutions to the Prime Minister’s Office with our humble request to set up checkpoints, one at Tanaghai and the other at Henderson.

He continued; “once the checkpoint is in place, only people that have a valid reason will be granted access to cross the checkpoint, either in or out of town.

“The resolution is also covered domestic flights as well as our seafronts to prevent people coming in by boats,” the Premier said.

For Mr. Sade, his worry is how fast the virus could spread to the rural areas of Guadalcanal if there is an outbreak.

“At the moment it is quite hard for developed countries to contain the virus though they have all the facilities and the capacity to do so.

“What is important for us at the moment that we should seriously consider is to make sure it cannot spread to our rural areas.

“We don’t have the capacity and we don’t have the right facilities to fight these virus-like other countries do,” he said.