Youth Volunteers Can Participate in Coronavirus Awareness

Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII), President Philip Subu (Left) and President of Honiara Youth Council, Harry James Olikwailafa (Right).


YOUTH representative for Malaita province and a representative of Development and service exchange (DSE) and the Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII), Philip Subu along with the President of Honiara Youth Council, Harry James Olikwailafa have spoken on behalf of youths in the country urging the government and responsible Health authority to engage youths in the race to protect Solomon Islands against COVID-19 from reaching out shores.

The statement by the two youth leaders was echoed at a recent talkback show hosted by Civil Society Organisations (CSO) at the SIBC in Honiara.

Philip Subu called on all youths to work together to disseminate the right information about the COVID-19.

“I call on all everyone most especially youths in the country – it is important to gather information for correct and rightful sources to avoid panic and misinformation.

Mr. Subu appealed to the government and responsible Health Ministry stating that youths can help-out in whatever ways possible.

“Older people of about 60 years and older are the most vulnerable and at a high risk of losing their lives when contracting the COVID-19.

“…Engage us, whatever comes – this is a pandemic and it is about a matter of time before the virus reaches us and I urge the government and the Ministry of Health to be Inclusive and to look at ways that we can work together to help the elderly when the time comes,” Mr. Subu said.

Meanwhile, president of Honiara Youth Council, Mr. Harry James Olikwailafa reiterated his colleagues for appealing to youths to follow correct and right information for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

“I appeal to youths to follow verified information given by WHO and Ministry of Health and Medical Services to correctly educate families and friends about COVID-19.

The Honiara Youth President urges youths to be the Source of calm during this time and be ready to volunteer and give help to those who needed it the most.

“Let’s build national solidarity around this global health issue.”

In the meantime, the MHMS urges the public to continue to practice healthy hygiene behaviors. COVID-19 is spread when someone with the virus coughs, sneezes or breathes, sending infected droplets over others and onto surfaces.

– Cover mouth and nose when cough and sneezing
– Wash your hands often with water and soap or use hand sanitizer
– If you are sick, keep your distance from other people – at least 1 metre away.
– Avoid overcrowded areas and keep your distance when standing around betel nut stalls and playing Ludo games.
– Avoid sharing of cigarettes
– Avoid spitting