Gwaunasu Community High School Take Possession of New Classroom

Japanese Embassy Hailed Contractor and Community for Efforts to Deliver Classroom Building

Embassy of Japan through its Grassroots and Human Security project scheme has officially handed over a new 2-story classroom building for the Gwaunasu Community High School, Malaita Province.


THE Embassy of Japan through its Grassroots and Human Security project scheme has officially handed over a new 2-story classroom building for Gwaunasu Community High School, Malaita on Thursday last week.

The double-story classroom building with 6 classrooms will greatly improve the learning environment for Gwaunasu students as they will no longer learn and experience attending classes in over-crowded and damaged classroom buildings.

The project was signed on 9th November 2019 with the Japanese Embassy awarding a total amount of SBD 673,320.60 grant to Gwaunasu
Gwaunasu Community High Schoo (CHS) for the construction of the double-story classroom building.

Speaking during the official opening and handing over of the Classroom building on 12th March 2020, a representative of the Embassy of Japan in the Solomon Islands urges students to take good care of the classroom so that other children in years to come will also benefit and learn in the same building.

“Now this classroom building is yours. Please enjoy learning in the new classroom and keep in mind that you can be anything you want such as a doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer and so on.

“…and please remember that you will take good care of the building so that many children in your community will be able to learn a lot of things and be remembered as a symbol of the friendship between the people of Japan and Solomon Islands for many years to come,” the Japanese Embassy representative said.

The Japanese Embassy Representative also commended the Gwaunasu community and the contractor contracted to build the classroom building appreciating their commitment to deliver the building in only 3 months – working day and night.

“I highly appreciate the contractor who made a great job in terms of finalizing for only 3 months as well as high-quality building construction.

“I heard your team worked day and night and did hard work and I commend you for that.

“I would also like to say a special thanks to the community people for their big support and strong commitment to this project,” the Japanese Embassy representative said.

In response, the Principal of Gwaunasu CHS, Sam Dara appreciates the help from the Japanese Government stating that it was very thoughtful and very caring to come to their aid in their desperate situation.

“The help from the Japanese government through its grassroots and human security project scheme had made things easier in helping the school with the standard classroom building facility for the students to use.

“On behalf of the school and its stakeholders we want to say thank you to the government and the people of Japan for assisting us,” Mr. Dara said.

The Project aims to improve education services infrastructure with the focus on basic education in the Solomon Islands. The assistance to strengthen basic infrastructure in education sectors such as the construction of the school, staff house for teachers or dormitory for students comprises one of the priorities of the grassroots and human security projects by the Embassy of Japan.