Artist Turns His Creativity into Paintings

Jackson Dio with his artwork creations at the National Art Gallery Centre in Honiara.

JACKSON Diosi exposed to art from a young age, and even chose to sketch on scrap papers and even his schoolbooks. His dedication to drawing was more than a hobby but a passion he valued to this very day.

Diosi is a 21-year-old from Malaita province and has opted to share some of his thoughts with Solomon Entour Newspaper about his early up bringing as a talented young artist in Solomon Islands.

“I started to learn and practise the art of drawing and painting at my earliest age; my dad noticed my gifted talent and creative skill from there and continued to support my creativity by purchasing sketch books and drawing materials.

“My dad is a church minister and has a strong belief in my potential as a young artist,” the young artist said.

Young Diosi said he wasn’t able to make it to form six level of education, since he used most of his time to draw and sketch and less time with his academic studies.

“I remembered been teased by my fellow high school students and even my own siblings when I didn’t make it to form six level of education.

“Feeling down hearted and I somehow regretted the situation, my dad, however never gave up on me and continued to encourage me to concentrate and focus on doing art works.

“Now that I have come to learn and know the importance and how it felt to be an artist; now I have no regrets being unable to complete my highest level in my journey in the country’s formal education system.

“To be honest, I enjoyed most of my time with my fellow artist in the Solomon Islands Artist Association (SIAA) and the opportunity to travel to other foreign countries as a indigenous young art in the country,” he added.

Jackson Diosi’s portrait artwork depicting a blonde hair child.

Diosi is a young aspiring artist who depicts most of his creative artwork on canvas using acrylic and oil paint. Over the years, he has developed his skills and artistic career with a deep sense of personal achievement.

He said most of his artistic works have been sold to international tourists visiting the country over the past years.

“My sold artistic paintings has motivated my strong ambitions and has broaden my talent to a new positive sense of direction.

“I remember; once a tourist told me that Solomon Islands has a very unique culture imbedded in our artistic works. Visiting tourists are often exited to learn more about our native cultures and traditions through the stories depicted in our indigenous artwork creations,” he told Solomon EnTour News.

Meanwhile, he encouraged other young talented and gifted artists to publicly expose their artistic talents in the country.

“I strongly encouraged other local talented artist to come forward and make his/her talent known to public and not keep it to yourselves. Artistic talent is a gift from God and it must not be wasted,” he said.

Young Diosi and female artist, Lucy Anne Panda has recently departed the country to participate in a three months Art and Cultural exchange trip to Indonesia. The duo artists will be among 100 artists from 50 countries to learn and showcase their artistic talents.

The trip is described as timely for both artists as Solomon Islands prepares to host the Melanesian Arts Festival on July in Honiara. The duos are expected to be back in the country in June of this year.

He said that their participation in the three months exchange program would equip them to return and start doing positive things in terms of visual art.

“Artist is a talent that cannot be wasted so such opportunity is a great privilege for both of us to learn and promote our country’s local artwork to the outside world,” he said.

The visual arts are art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture.