TSI Praise Janus on Arrest of Former MP

JANUS arrested the former Member of Parliament and current Deputy Premier of Makira Ulawa Province Hypolite Taramae.

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands commends the anti-corruption task force JANUS to arrest the former Member of Parliament and current Deputy Premier of Makira Ulawa Province Hypolite Taramae for allegation of misappropriation fund in 2011 and 2013.

TSI has described the arrest is a step in the right direction to combat corruption at the top public officials and political level.

Whilst TSI welcomes JANUS operation to track down corrupt politician, it urges too, investigation on other MPs who have alleged of abused and misused of Constituency Development Funds.

Taramae was arrested for misappropriation of $ 474,872.00. The funds allocate for Reforestation and Out Growers Subsidy funds granted to Central Makira Constituency in 2011-2013.

TSI commends relevant law enforcers since the inception of investigating the allegation against him till he faces justice.

The findings of the TSI CDF project covering 39 Constituencies there is very little development seen on the ground to account for the millions going through MPs. The ROC money is also tax payers’ money that demands accountability and transparency.

Let us hope that all will benefit and not just supporters, voters families of the parliamentarian as is the finding of work done between 2015 – 2017 by TSI.

The arrest and charge of Taramae must send a clear warning to Parliamentarians to stop dipping their hands into public funds and use it for their own benefit.

TSI calls on anti-corruption task force JANUS with the law enforcers to continue tracking down public officers abusing and misusing public funds for own personal benefit.

“Now, that a former MP has been charge over use of CDF, when will this investigation look into other MPs use of CDF”, TSI questions.

Investigation must start now and TSI stands by its call for the removal of s6 of the current Anti- Corruption Bill as well the speedy passage of the Bill through the parliament.

Gauging the level of corruption in the political level has sent a signal for parliament must pass the Anti- Corruption Bill to ensure it eliminates corruption at the political level.