Sogavare’s Actions Described as Childish

The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale.

THE Leader of Opposition condemns the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare over his decision to prevent his Minister of Foreign Affairs from meeting Taiwan’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister upon arrival in the country on Monday as well as his departure yesterday.

This call came after the Opposition received reports that the Prime Minister ordered his Foreign Affairs Minister not to meet Taiwan’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister and his delegation upon their arrival.

The Opposition leader says, “our diplomatic ties with Taiwan were still in place then and the visit reciprocated the recent visit by our Foreign Affairs Minister to Taiwan.

“And so, there is no justification for the Prime Minister to deny the delegation the VIP treatment normally accorded to visiting foreign delegations.

“Whether the Prime Minister likes it or not, the people of this country have in one way or another, benefited from Taiwan’s direct assistance over the years and as head of the executive government, he owes a duty to the people to treat Taiwan government officials with dignity and respect.

“The Prime Minsters action is simply childish and immature,” said the Opposition leader.