‘Put a Stop to the Dependency Syndrome’ Says MP Seleso

Member of Parliament for South Guadalcanal and the Minister for Provincial Government Honourable Rollen Seleso.


WITH the launch of the milestone development plan 2019 – 2023 handbook last night (Thursday 16th July), it is a step forward for the people of South Guadalcanal towards development and self-reliance.

In his speech, Hon Member for South Guadalcanal Rollen Seleso emphasized on the importance of creating the document and how it would impact the livelihood of his constituents in the rural communities.

He said the idea behind the development plan is to employ the green economy tactic by utilizing an agro-economy basis to create self-sufficiency and self-reliance where people will have to do away with the habit of relying on their honorable member and working relative for their livelihood.

It is also to reduce reliance on imported goods that contributes to the dietary deficiency widespread in the Solomon Islands.
He said the dependency and reliance on Member of Parliament is now a culture of politics in the country.

“We must work hard to shift this mentality away so that our people will see that they must work to earn their living.

“This is the reason we came up with this four years development,” Seleso said.

“We have come to realize, he continues, that the old system of relying on the national member or relatives working in urban areas no longer sufficient to sustain a livelihood in the villages.

“This attitude of relying on and looking towards the national member for support creates dependency, laziness, and unproductiveness.

“Such an attitude only resulted in frustration, envy, jealousy, and disorientation of families and individuals. It distracts effective cooperation and breeds animosity among individuals, families, villages, and communities,” he added.