Police Rescues Passengers from Sunken Boat

Sunk white ray boat rescued by police in Western Province. (supplied: Police Media Unit)

POLICE in Western Province have rescued twelve (12) people travelling in a white ray boat powered by 40 HP Yamaha engine which sunk yesterday (04 February 2018) at Point Kuri Passage, via Goldie area in Western Province.

It is alleged the boat from Ghatere village, Kolombangara was travelling to Beulah Provincial Secondary School to drop off 2 students and one student at Dunde Community High School when it sunk.

The passengers include three women, five men including the driver, two female students, one male student and a three-year- old female child.

Western Province, Police Provincial Commander (PPC), Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu says, “All passengers were rescued about twenty minutes after the incident by Seghe Police boat with the help from a private canoe from Noro and Noro Police boat.”

“The passengers are being looked after by the Kokeqolo, Helena Goldie Hospital and Lodumaho congregation at Munda,” says PPC Lenialu.

Chief Superintendent Lenialu adds, “The sunken boat was located with the help of police and some locals but not the belongings of the passengers.”

“I would like to thank the prompt response of my officers at Seghe and Noro and the support of community in the rescue of passengers and the boat. This shows cooperation between the police and communities to save lives,” says PPC Lenialu.

He says, “I continue to remind all good people in Western Province to always take extra caution when planning or travelling out at the sea; always inform someone of where about you are going and your expected time of travel; take extra fuel, paddles, life-jackets, torch-light, spare batteries, water and some food when travelling and do not overload your boat.”