PM Hou Deny Plans to Sack Senior Ministers

Prime Minister Rick Hou has denied any plans to sack ministers in his Cabinet.

PRIME Minister Rick Hou has denied any plans to sack ministers in his Cabinet.

The Prime Minister issued a statement following a front-page article by Mr Sasako in the Island Sun today, claiming that the Prime Minister could be dismissing five senior ministers in his Cabinet.

“These false rumors are advanced by people who are intent on undermining the solidarity of the SIDCCG. We have a very important task ahead and that is to pass the 2018 Budget. Therefore, these few weeks are critical for us,” he said.

The Prime Minister said his Government remains intact and is committed in delivering its priority policies earmarked for this year.

Prime Minister Hou said he wants ministers to concentrate on the Budget and more especially in improving it.

He said he has no time for politicking as he is determined to do the work.

“We have no time to waste and I am encouraging all my Cabinet ministers to concentrate on serving our people and our country as we remain committed to the immense work ahead of us,” he said.

The Prime Minister further stressed that the public should not allow themselves to be misled by rumors which are derived from hearsay.

Prime Minister Hou said the people can be rest assured that the Government is stable.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has reiterated sentiments shared during the launching of the Government’s policy last Friday that political instability has always been an impediment to Government’s ability to implement and achieve its objectives.

“For too long, political instability has watered down well intended government programs and undermined good strong political leadership. We have a very short time and we must remain committed in serving our people,” he said.