PM Credits Taiwan’s Support in Promoting Tourism

PM Rick HouenipwelaCredits Taiwan’s Support in Promoting credit: Island Sun.

THE Prime Minister, Honourable Rick Nelson Houenipwela has praised the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy support in the area of tourism for the country.

The PM was speaking at the recent diner reception being hosted by His Excellency (H.E) Taiwan Ambassador Roger Luo in honor of the Pacific Islands Leadership Programme (PILP) Alumni.

PM Hou said in this connection, I am also aware the reason the workshop is being hosted in Solomon Islands is part of Taiwan’s efforts to help promote the Solomon Islands tourism industry.

“So if indeed promoting Solomon Islands tourism is one of the main reasons for hosting the PILP alumni ‘community building workshop’ here in Solomon Islands then I must also sincerely thank you Taiwan especially Ambassador Luo and his staff for such thoughtfulness.

“As you know, tourism is an industry my government believes should be encouraged and developed further with the intention that one day tourism will surpass the current forestry and unsustainable logging industry in Solomon Islands,” he added.

The PILP alumni have recently hosted a ‘Community Building Workshop’ from 15-18 March 2018.

The PM said it is then appropriate to bring the ‘Community Building Workshop’ to Solomon Islands since the alumni participants also come from different countries across our region all the way from Tahiti in French Polynesia in the east to Papua New Guinea in the west.

Meanwhile a number of outcomes expected to achieve from the PILP include the following:

  • Develop advanced regional knowledge and pan-Pacific perspectives by analysing shared challenges and generating collaborative solutions;
  • Enhance individual leadership capacity and understanding of leadership;
  • Clarify career and life goals and develop personal action plans for the future;
  • Deepen emotional intelligence and ability to thrive in a volatile, uncertain world;
  • Connect the Pacific to Asia by experiencing the best of Taiwan; and
  • Join a dynamic leadership network and community of action spanning the Pacific region.

The program is expected to complete on the 18th March 2018.