Passengers Denied Solomon Islands Entry

Travel Restrictions “Drastic” But Necessary 

Passengers denied entry into the Solomon Islands.


THE Director of Immigration, Mason Fugui has confirmed that a total of seven (7) passengers who have been to countries where coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) cases have been reported have been turned back and denied entry into the Solomon Islands.

“The latest passenger was turned back on Wednesday 4th March. This particular individual had traveled from Singapore, transited through Papua New Guinea but was denied entry and turned away when he arrived here,” he said.

According to the Immigration Director, those passengers have transited through PNG and traveled to the Solomon Islands on different dates and flights. 

The latest passenger being denied entry into the country by immigration officers adds the number of six (6) passengers earlier denied entry into the country to seven (7). 

Minister for Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Clezy Rore advised travelers that – “Any person who has traveled from or through any country that is listed as restricted, at any time during the 14 days immediately before the day to the day of the arrival of that person in the Solomon Islands, will be turned away and denied entry into the country.

“The measures taken by the Ministries responsible are drastic measures, but are necessary if we are to prevent COVID-19 from entering the Solomon Islands.”