‘One Link Pacifica is Here to Stay’ 

OneLink on Transition to Establish Subsidiaries to Secure Employment

Sogavare Amazed Over Marape
One Link Pacifica is not going away.


THE work of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is to render to us the professional insight and support we need in financial intelligence and quality. To simply label our organization as illegal is a judicial matter and we are bound to explore such avenues.”

This was according to a statement by the Director of OneLink Pacifica, Charles Dora on Sunday when responding to Statements issued by Solomon Islands Financial Intelligent Unit (SIFIU) a unit within the Central Bank which stated that OneLink is operating illegally in the Country.

“One Link Pacifica Organization operates under normal business license legally mandated by the registration of the organization under the Company house registration office in Honiara, Solomon Islands. 

“With the approval of the registration from the registrars’ office, we operate with the knowledge that eighty percent of the indigenous population of the Solomon Islands are marginalized and are permanently residing at the cutting edge of the community. 

“We bear in mind that the indigenous people are being systematically, steadily and consistently alienated culturally, psycho-spiritually, physically and financially through the unfair distribution of resources and wealth,” Mr. Dora said.

Mr. Dora through the statement expressed that in a country like the Solomon Islands the regulatory bodies and local citizens need to work together for the common good of our people – which is of primal significance. 

“The SIFIU Director is carried away with such character assassination without proper research to find out other components of our organization. 

Mr. Dora revealed that OneLink Pacifica is now on the transition to move and establish subsidiaries to secure employment and strengthen the economy for a better Solomon Islands.

“The Vision of the Organization is to empower the marginalized and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor through works of charity and productive investment systems accessible and equitable for fair and equal distribution of resources and wealth to enhance quality standards across the society of the Solomon Islands,” The OneLink Director said.

This means One Link Pacifica must promote a productive investment system to sustain and support the marginalized and disabled for better quality living standards.

The One Link Director in the Meantime assured his Customers that One Link Pacifica is not going away. 

“I want to remind my good customers that One Link Pacifica is here to stay and is good for the people of the Solomon Islands and her citizens.”