New Government to Continue DCCG Programs and Projects

Acting Governor General, Ajilon Nasiu officially declaring Honorable Rick Hou as the newly elected Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

THE Newly elected Prime Minister Rick Nelson Houenipwela says his new government will continue on with programs and projects left under the previous Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG).

Prime Minister Hou made the statement when speaking during his augural speech outside the parliament after he was elected.

He said according to his new government immediate strategy, most of important areas that needs consideration would be just a continuation of the previous DCCG especially given the short amount of time left in hand.

“My new administration will quickly put in place a strategy that entails a set of priorities that are deemed achievable in the short period.

“The strategy is to continue with the projects and programs of the previous DCCG with increase level of policy implementation aimed to stabilize the fiscal situation, strengthen budget implementation and ensure we achieve tangible results in the short term,” he added.

He said apart from many priority areas, some of the important once includes the need to address the current financial situation the country is experiencing, improving rural health care services, the follow up on the undersea cable project, the anti – Corruption Bill and the formulation of the 2018 Budget.

He then called on the development partners that his new government will continue to work closely with them to uphold their interest and especially the interest of the country.

“To our developing partners, I want to assure you that my administration is ready to re-engage and work together in advancing the interests of Solomon Islands,

“For too long, we have left our development partners in the cold which has negatively affected the progress of important Government programs. But today, I assure you that my Government will take extra efforts in working closely with each and every one of our partners as we work towards our common goal to move this country forward,” he added.

He then thanked the developing partners for continuous support and he also acknowledge the efforts undertaken by the former finance minister in renewing dialogue between the Government and our donor partners.