MP Seleso Call for Cooperation to Achieve Development Goals

Member of Parliament (MP) for South Guadalcanal Hon. Rollen Seleso.


MEMBER of Parliament for South Guadalcanal and the Minister for Provincial Government Honourable Rollen Seleso has called for unity and cooperation among his constituents to achieve their development goals.

The call came following the Member of Parliament (MP) and his team visited the Constituency last week, where they presented the Constituency’s first draft document on their Development Plans to the constituents for final screening before an official launching in the coming months.

Speaking to Sunday Isles News, Hon. Seleso illuminated that the documents are a solemn property of the people of South Guadalcanal and that once it is launched they will take full ownership of it.

He said that for the document to be achieved depends entirely on the cooperation and the working together of his constituents.

“This document is not mine nor it belongs to our three Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPAs) rather it belongs to the people of this constituency – it is their inputs that were captured and compiled inside these documents.

“At this juncture I called on my good people of South Guadalcanal for their cooperation and working togetherness so that we together can achieve our development goals,” said Hon. Rollen Seleso.

In a similar sentiment, the Honourable Member for Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly for Vatukulau Ward Hon. Richard Reti said he is determined to work on priority projects for his ward once it is launch.

However, he said that the implementation part of it could be a huge setback for any development.

“After this document is launch, we will work according to the priority areas of development.

“But for us to implement these projects, people have to work to ensure that their desired projects or developments are achieved within their various communities and wards,” the Honourable Member for Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly Reti said.