Mandarin Introduced to St Nicholas College

Ms Li giving away prizes to student answering her questions correctly.

THE only Mandarin teacher in Solomon Islands, Ms Li Kuei Mi, introduced Saint Nicholas College students with Mandarin language at an awareness program held at the school Assembly Hall.

The Mandarin awareness program attracted the attention of the students attended the one-day event.

The College Principal, Mr James Lengi acknowledged Ms Li for choosing St Nicholas College as one of the schools she wants to introduce Mandarin to.

Mr Lengi said that few weeks ago the schools have promoted the idea of English being the compulsory language in the classrooms and it was a coincidence that they have received Ms Li’s request to come to introduce Mandarin language.

“What we are trying to do is as much as possible to encourage our students to be able to speak different languages apart from our mother tongue and Pijin.

“Learning and exposing to other languages not only develops more critical thinking among our learners but also enables our children to learn and appreciate other people’s culture, especially in the age of globalization.

“We all understand very well the impact of Asia in Pacific in terms of business, economy, politics, diplomacy, world peace, etc, thus we must have common ground, we need to understand each other and in order to do so, we must learn different languages available to us. This is why English and Mandarin are very important languages.

He said another important aspect for the school to learn Mandarin is purposely for the Forms 5 and 6 students who are interested to apply for Taiwan’s scholarship, because if they go to Taiwan in the future, they will know some basics of Mandarin language.

The Principal also suggested that it is also possible for the students to undergo future studies at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU); they will also have a basic understanding about the Mandarin language.

Mr Lengi really appreciated how Ms Li did her presentation using exhibit, video, talk and to engage students how to speak and accurately pronounce the Mandarin words.

He said the presentation was very good and very interactive.

“There is growing spirit among Solomon Islanders to learn this beautiful language,” he added.

A group photo…Saint Nicholas Students, Principal, James Lengi and Mandarin teacher Ms Li Kuei Mi.