Mandarin Introduce to Betikama Students

Betikama student receiving her winning prices from Taiwanese Mandarin teacher, Ms. Li Kuei Mi


SOLOMON Islands National University, Taiwanese Mandarin teacher, Ms. Li Kuei Mi, has recently introduced mandarin language and cultural lessons about the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Betikama Adventist College (BAC) students.

An overwhelmed number of students from the Adventist College turned up to her two-hours presentation hearing on the 24 March at the college compound.

Ms. Li has over the years introduced a series of Mandarin language-teaching programs in the country. The aim of the program is to input students with the basic knowledge about the diverse culture of Taiwan and to ensure students are equipped with a fair understanding about the Mandarin language if guaranteed future scholarship to study in Taiwan.

The students were fortunate to watch documentaries about Taiwan’s diverse culture and language portrayed on film and also participated in the interactive activities and discussions during the presentation.

Ms. Li confirmed her satisfaction with the presentation program held at the Betikama College.

“Am overwhelmed with the support given by the administration and students of the Adventist College. The students were able to concentrate and ask credible questions with regards to my presentation.”

She described the students as potentially young and attentive; based on their swift ability to gain more interest in the culture and language of Taiwan.

“Am confident that my presentation will really encourage them to learn more about the new language as they will go further in their education.

“I came here to share with the students my the passion to learn different languages and cultures because I believe that by learning Mandarin it can really open their minds to the different paths of life,” Ms. Li said.

Meanwhile, Betikama Principal, Mr. Patison Bekala said he is pleased with the Taiwanese educational program delivered to the students of Betikama.

“Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan and we see it as an important opportunity for our students, especially to understand what Taiwan is doing and offering in terms of scholarships for Solomon Islands students.”

He added that the presentation is very educational and informative for students.

“Nowadays, Mandarin is more famously spoken and has a strong influence around the world; and Pacific; therefore, it is good to learn about Mandarin in order to communicate well with people.”

Form two student, Pricilla Robert expressed her appreciation on the presentation made by the Taiwanese Mandarin teacher, Ms. Li Kuei Mi, and also expressed her interest in studying Mandarin.

“I have learned that if I study hard and make good grades, I might apply for Taiwan scholarship in the future.

“Now, am happy that I have the chance to have a little touch and knowledge about Taiwan’s culture and language. I hope other students will have to share similar positive sentiments about the presentation,” Robert said.