Local Seasonal Worker Opting for Financial Freedom in New Zealand

Sogavare Amazed Over Marape
Floyd Penrick and his family at the Honiara International Airport.


THE feeling and experience of going out to work overseas can be electrifying and hyper exciting for first-timers who are involved in the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE).

This was the case for a father of two little girls, Floyd Penrick, who is from Viru Village in Marovo lagoon, Western Province and Hovi village in Gao-Bugotu District, Ysabel Province.

Floyd was part of a group of 40 Solomon Islanders who have left the country earlier this week on Tuesday 18th of February to work in JR’s Orchards Limited located in the sunny Wairarapa township of Greytown, New Zealand.

Floyd and other local seasonal workers will be employed as Apple pickers and harvesters by the JR’s Orchards Limited which is a family-owned 135 hectares of Apple and Pear Orchard with on-site Export Packing and Cool Store facilities.

Upon departure on Tuesday 18 February at the Honiara International Airport, an ecstatic Floyd expressed his excitement and curiousness about visiting New Zealand for the first time.

“Even though my main goal is to earn money and return home, I also want to monitor and observe how people in that country live, the level of their livelihood and with these findings, I can improve on whatever that is mislaid in the way we live in our family and also in the community.

“I’m excited to see and visit New Zealand as this is my first time joining the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE) and I want to get exposed to that level of interaction where I can get access to things I have never able to access before,” Floyd expressed.

Floyd said that he is looking to work hard and make good use of the opportunity given to him and return home with his earnings to help support his family.

“I want to assure my family most especially my wife who has been open-minded and supportive to me one hundred percent (100%) that I will return home in 7 months and I hope and wish everyone is happy,” an emotional Floyd said.

Floyd Penrick and his group will return to the country later this year on 20th September when the Apple season lapses and harvesting completes.