Iayz Lit the Stage as Crowd Stuck on Replay

Local Iyaz fans ignited a wild scene of jubilation and called out love slogans towards the Replay singer.


IT was a night full of energy, positive vibes, and an electric atmosphere as local concert-goers could not hold back their emotions but to give their best and become part of the Iyaz concert at the Pacific Casino Hotel seafront stage on Friday 24 January.

Kicking off the most awaited concert were the Solomon Islands renowned musicians and artists, the likes of Jahboy, DMP, Sean Rii, Baka Solomon and many more popular local artists.

Before the main concert, the atmosphere was already set alight by the supporting local bands and artists who stirred the crowd with their various number one hit songs before the main show immediately at midnight.

Observing the wild reaction from local crowd and their grooving gestures visibly tell how lucky they were to be part of Iyaz’s 10th anniversary in Honiara.

Local Iyaz fans ignited a wild scene of jubilation and called out love slogans towards the Replay singer.

For Lilly Anderson, it was a night to remember as there’s nothing more could stop her from seeing her favorite artist performing live on stage.

“This is the night that I won’t forget in my life as I’m so lucky to witness the artist who sung my favorite songs, Solo, Replay perform live just in front of me.

“This reminds me of my high school days,” she said with a smile.

Iyaz tour to Honiara concurrently marks the 10th anniversary of his world number hit song – Replay – ten years ago.

The wild crowd was also stuck on the song ‘Replay’ as the Visiting British Virgin Island singer kept repeating “Shawty’s” when the crowd replied “like a melody in my head that I can’t keep out Got me singing like.”

In a quick interview with freelance journalist Lynnisha Runa at the international airport before his departure for his last performance in Darwin, Australia, Keidran Jones (a.k.a.) Iyaz said the fans in the Solomon Islands are great.

“I loved it, the fans here in the Solomon Islands are great.

“They came out, they support and they showed love and we had fun.

“I want to thank you guys for coming out and support me.

“This is one of the best shows we’ve done in all the Pacific islands,” the Multi-Platinum award-winning artists said.

The Virgin Island Singer left on Saturday (weekend) for his last show of the Pacific concert tour on Sunday 26th January in Darwin, Australia.