Government Policy Actions to be Monitored

Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Honiara. Photo…Out Sourced

THE Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has announced the set up of a monitoring and coordinating framework known as The Core Ministerial Coordinating Committee (CMCC) 2019.

The Prime Minister announced this during a recent press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Honiara. 

The framework is designed and developed to tackle challenges faced by many governments as they tried to monitor and coordinate the implementation of their key policy priorities within the life of a political government.

“In view of the systematic issue of bureaucratic inertia known to have affected implementation of government policies it is important that this is dealt with under this new framework to ensure the political government of the day effectively and efficiently monitor in real time its policy implementation,” Sogavare stated.

The Prime Minister further reiterated that it is critically important that the government adopt this framework as a facilitating mechanism that would improve policy delivery and effective policy implementation.

This newly inbuilt oversight and scrutiny mechanism will further assist and enhance the current normal monitoring and coordination government regime. This will in effective provides the political government a more timely and effective approach to monitor and coordinate deliver during its term in office.

The framework in effect allows the political government to efficiently monitor the implementation progress of its key policy priorities in a manner that is periodically determined, transparent, accountable, and timely.

Hon. Sogavare further reiterated that this strategic approach ensures that the political government as it should; “taking the whelm and the needed commanding role in making sure its priority policies are implemented appropriately and timely by designated government agencies and or their quasi agencies”.

The aims and objectives of this set up is to enable the political government of the day to internally oversee the implementation of its core priority policies.

Such internal policy oversight mechanism ensures there is effective and efficient coordination of policy implementation monitoring and evaluation within the government machinery and bureaucracy. 

According to the Prime Minister, through the framework, the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) will be able to hold implementing agencies and their senior officials accountable for their actions or in actions in delivering the priority policies of the DCGA. 

The mandate of the Committee is derived through appropriate sanctioning by the Cabinet of Solomon Islands.

The Committee will therefore execute its mandatory role and responsibilities within the strict confines and adherence to the Cabinet approved mandate outlined in the Committee’s Terms Of Reference or any such appropriate instruments enforced on the Committee by Cabinet from time to time.

“The Committee after conducting its hearing and inquiries if so produce a report with recommendations to Caucus and or Cabinet,” the Prime Minister said.

Hon. Sogavare stated that the committee is to be assigned a secretariat that is responsible for all the aspects relating to the preparation of the report of which should provide appropriate authoritative information, to Caucus and Cabinet and recommendations and suggestions for actions. 

The secretariat after preparing the draft report submitted the draft to the Chairman who shall convene a meeting of the Committee to discuss the draft report.

The Chairman will table the approved report in Caucus and Cabinet at an approved date and time for Caucus and Cabinet’s discussion and actions and any feedback on the report from Caucus and Cabinet to the Committee or to the concerned government agencies will be closely monitored by the Committee.

 “If need be, a follow up report will be made on the actions or non-actions taken by the respective ministry or on the recommendations and directives given by Caucus and or Cabinet,” the Prime Minister said.  

The DCGA is committed to the delivery of ongoing and prospective policy priorities in the interests of peace, national stability, and economic advancement.