Georgina Kekea: New MASI President

New MASI President-Elect, Georgina Kekea.


LONG-time media personnel and freelance journalist Georgina Kekea is the new MASI President-elect during last night’s MASI election.

The election eventuated during the Media Association of Solomon Islands’ (MASI) AGM at the SIBC’s Conference room last night (26th July 2020).

The election was attended by Journalists and media workers from different media institutions in the country including Public Relations officers (PRs).

Four other members were also elected including veteran journalist Dorothy Wickham as Treasurer, and Board Members Cheryl Aumanu, Georgina Maka’a, and Rolland Ko’ofuli.

For Georgina Kekea, she has been in the media fraternity for two decades working in different media institutions and platforms, where she eventually became a household name, especially in broadcasting.

In her post on social media the newly elect MASI President wrote “I write here with humility for the trust and support you placed in me to lead MASI forward.

“I know she continues; the road ahead will be tough and the position I accepted comes with greater responsibility.”

As the newly elected President Ms. Kekea also took the opportunity to thank her predecessor for leading MASI for the past two years.

“I wish to thank the former president Charles Kadamana and Treasurer Uriel Matanani for their work in the MASI executive this past two years.

“I look at past experiences as steps to progress and I hope in years to come, we will look back and be able to pat ourselves on the back satisfied that we have been able to bring MASI this far,” newly elected MASI President Georgina Kekea said.

She however thanked the support from the members, saying it is quite overwhelming to see more than 40 members turned up for the AGM and that itself portrays how one truly has the support for the industry they love.

“I know the road for the media industry has been tough.

“We have had our share of challenges and setbacks but we have been able to pull through.

“The comradeship we have shared over the years as professionals in the media industry is more than enough to bring us to newer heights.

“We might have our differences and opinions but let it not divide nor deter us from supporting each other. We are just a small fraternity and differences aside, let us all put our hands together for the betterment of the media industry,” the MASI President wrote on her post in social media.

Former President Charles Kadamana in his final remarks said it has been a great honor to serve MASI for the past two years as he thanked his outgoing executive for standing with him through thick and thin until last night.

“It has been a great honor for me to serve MASI for two consecutive terms.

“I want to thank my former executive for standing with me as we together captained MASI through thick and thin until we reach this far.

“We wish our new executive to carry us forward for a brighter future,” Outgoing MASI President Charles Kadamana said.

The new MASI Executive members are Georgina Kekea (President), Douglas Marau (Vice President), Dorothy Wickham (Treasurer), and Board Members; Cheryl Aumanu, Georgina Maka’a, Rolland Ko’ofuli, and Lisa Horiwapu.