Forestry: We Acted on Request

Ministry of Forestry and Research makes clarification on allegations.

THE Ministry of Forestry and Research is making clarification on allegation an officer assigned to Waisisi in West Are’Are did the opposite to what he supposed to do, for assessment.

This was published in the Island Sun Newspaper on the 21st February 2018.

In an issued statement, the forestry office says the ministry only acted upon what has been requested through the rightful channel.

Thus officer concern was dispatched to the site for the purpose to do assessment, it says.

It adds the forestry office knows nothing about whatsoever as claimed apart from what was initially requested for an assessment to be carried.

It then urges those concern local landowners and local licensees including communities of the area of concern to report such actions to the forestry office.

“The Ministry will not tolerate such unwanted behaviour and attitude; this is clearly unethical of the officer if the allegations are substantiated.

“As such we call on those who may come across such actions and feel that it is not right to report the matter or officer concern to the Ministry of Forestry and Research.

“Disciplinary actions will be taken upon thorough investigation into the matter and allegations are proven once complaints are directed to us,” says the Forestry office.

Adding that at its current status, the forestry office cannot do much without any official complaint.

Reiterating earlier call by the Permanent Secretary Dr Vaeno Vigulu that it is un- procedural to go straight and speak to the media.

“There are avenues available to dealing with such an issue, and none of these have yet been exhausted.

“It is only proper that such allegations labelled against my officers be forwarded to my office for thorough investigation to be taken,” he says.