Enough of Blaming Us: Philippines Students Lashes Out at PM’s Speech

Local Philippines students lashes out at PM’s speech.


SOLOMON Islands Students in the Philippines have lashed out their dismay aiming at Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare for blaming them for breaking quarantine rules.

In the Prime Minister’s nationwide address yesterday, it said that there are students who break quarantine rules and went out of their hotels for their own sake.

According to the Prime Minister, the students’ selfish and careless actions had resulted in 6 of them being tested positive for COVID-19 which eventually intrigued the oversight committee to cancel the second repatriation flight that was scheduled for today.

However, all the way from Manila the students refuted PM’s statement saying that what he said is not true and that he should have their side of the story before making such a public statement.

Speaking to Sunday Isles, one of the students, Bobby Bosali said enough is enough to blame the students.

He stressed that the Prime Minister’s approach is lame as it is not how a leader should talk to his children who are already fighting an uphill battle in a foreign land, but rather giving them encouragement.

“Just to clarify the Prime Minister’s speech that said 6 students had broken quarantine protocols and go out of the hotels is not true.

“We stayed in hotels for almost 3 months now and none of the students goes out of the hotels since.

“There is nothing we should go outside for, even to withdraw money at the Western Union is we’re not allowed to as well,” Mr. Bosali Said.

Bobby said that the 6 students that were tested positive had gone through 6 tests already to which the results were negative.

He said it was the results after the 7th test which is also their last one on Sunday 22nd November that surprises them.

“They never expecting their results would be like this as they never at any time exposed outside since they moved in.

“The thing that concerned us the most is the movement of the hotel staffs, which they would return to their homes after work and come back the next day.

“Maybe they are the ones that contracted the disease from outside and bringing them into the hotel premises,” Bobby said.

“Even some of the caterings,” he added, come from the outside which we even don’t know where exactly the foods they give to us come from.”

He later demanded those responsible for providing and compiling information that is of interest to the public to must consider both sides of stories before made public.