Empowering Locals to Expand their Knowledge in Construction

The construction of the Youth office and hub building continues at the multi-purpose hall compound in China Town.


REEVES International who is contracted to construct the ‘Youth Hub Centre’ office building in Honiara is not seeing the project through completion. However, they are also empowering local workers in Honiara to become innovative, self-sufficient, and knowledgeable.

“What’s great about this project; it will empower and enhance the locals’ ability to acquire new creative ideas, skills, and knowledge on how to construct and design different types of building infrastructure in the country.

“We want locals who are specialized in different trades (plumbing, electrical, and carpentry) taking up future roles in the construction industry of this country.

“I hope the locals will acquire and implement these ideas when contracted to do work on future construction projects; and also to apply these ideas when building homes for their families or relatives,” Reeves International, Project Sites Manager, Brian Oman said.

Reeves International, a specialist infrastructure company contracted to upgrade the expansion of the Honiara Multi-Purpose Hall sports facility in the country.

He believed that from the project, the locals will build new knowledge and skills, which they can put to use once the project is complete to make a better living for themselves.

“It’s exciting because one of our goals from the beginning was to employ local people,” he said. “By doing it that way, the money is also making its way around town and supporting other businesses, so it’s nice to see that happening.”

“That has been one of the most inspiring outcomes for the Honiara Multi-Purpose Hall upgrade project as well.

“We are as interested in helping and empowering locals in the community,” Brian added.

The initial design of the Youth Hub centre office building portrays a stingray.

Recently, the bad weather had caused further delay towards the completion of the project, however, the Project Sites Manager thanked the locals for their outstanding commitment since the beginning of the construction phase of the project.

“So far my local boys are doing well,” he said.