DSE Hails New Prime Minister Rick Hou

Development Services Exchange (DSE), the umbrella organisation for Non-Government Organisations.

DEVELOPMENT Services Exchange (DSE), the umbrella organisation for Non-Government Organisations on behalf of its member organisations would like to congratulate Honorable Rick Hou on his election as the Solomon Islands new Prime Minister.

Newly elected Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Honorable Rick Nelson Hounipwela.

A statement from DSE says they welcomed Prime Minister Rick Hou and acknowledged the announcement of his new government priorities and their commitments as stated in his maiden speech in which it includes strengthening the fiscal policies of the government, prioritizing the administration, management and governance of the government, including reduction of the political appointees and reinforcing the priorities of the DCCG for the next coming 12 months.

“CSOs/NGOs acknowledge your commitment to ensure that issues on corruption will be addressed during the course of your leadership and your commitment in progressing the popular anti-corruption bill. Our stand remains the same and that is we will continue to monitor the progress the new government will take in ensuring the ACB is prioritized.  We the civil society assured the new government under Hou’s leadership that we will continue to monitor government’s progressing efforts and will work in complementing government’s delivery of services to the rural communities in the country.

We urge the new Prime Minister and his government to ensure that the ACB is brought through the bills and legislation committee for review but at the same time listen to the CSOs on behalf of the rural populace on appropriate changes to the Bill as recommended.

The statement says the CSOs are open for dialogue and monitor the government’s commitment in ensuring the government priorities as stated by Hon. Prime Minister Hou are fulfilled.

DSE acknowledges the law abiding citizens of Solomon Islands for upholding the democratic process in which the election of the new Prime Minister was conducted successfully.