Donated PPEs – Mainly for Frontline Workers

Earlier photo of a front-liner delivering supplies to a quarantine centre. (Photo: National Emergency Operations Centre, NEOC).


THE supply of Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) is predominantly for use by Health and Frontline Workers, according to Dr. Jimmy Rodgers.

However, Dr. Rodgers said if there is enough, they might most probably put some out to functions.

He said the cabinet in its recent decision has encouraged people to wear a mask.

“At this point, the decision was not because we have a virus circulating in the community, but it is important that we start to get into the discipline or train ourselves to wear Face Masks,” he clarified.

Dr. Rodgers added that if the MHMS saw that there’s enough PPEs or face masks available, they might most probably make available face masks in places like the Honiara Central Market or graduation of schools – making sure people who are not wearing face mask entering the location must wear one.

“When the cabinet encourages everyone to wear a mask, it is implicit there that we are trying to share in the cost – don’t wait for the government to provide a mask.

“There are not enough in the country but if there is enough, some can be put out to functions – but the public is hereby advised to try and procure own face mask,” Dr. Rodgers advised.

Last week, the Chinese Embassy in Honiara donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), which includes fifteen thousand (15,000) facial masks to the Ministry of Health and the Western Province.