Call For Health Action

Ministry of Health and Medical Services PS, Mrs. Pauline McNeil.


RESPONSIBLE Health authorities and workers are being urged to rethink about their respective roles and responsibilities in achieving health goals and targets for Solomon Islands.

Permanent Secretary (PS) for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), Mrs. Pauline McNeil pressed responsible individuals and authorities to consider its targets and work harder to achieve them.

“The country has fallen way back from the targets for the ministry, not only for the country but the pacific region as a whole.”

She highlighted that the country’s Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) is at higher rate and that it needs to be reduced.

“Who is accountable for reducing the higher MMR in this country? Are we doing enough? Is there anything else we need to do to improve in our programs and performances and how we deliver our programs on the ground? What does it take to scale up or efforts?

“In terms of our MMR and the targets to meet, can we consider some identical indicators?, Can we integrate further in terms of our work?

Considering the time frame for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is from 2015-2030, Mrs. McNeil said 11 years from now, is a short time and so the ministry should look seriously into this.

“I think these are the things we need to discuss in the ministry as we only have 11 more years to go.

“The country had 133 maternal deaths last year, the global target that we’ve committed to and signed off on is about 30, and we are not there yet.

She laid out an example on Tuberculosis (TB) cases and said that the TB rate per 100,000 global agenda is that by 2030 we illuminate TB, but now it’s plainly zero (0).

“Similar case is also on Malaria.

“Again it comes back to our performances. Scaling up our efforts in accountable to deliver, being accountable to execute the finances foster and timely to support programs.

“I’m setting the scene to see this and we have to do more.

“We have to be on time at work, we have to deliver more, we have to plan ahead, we have to have some clarity on our way forward in terms of our implementations,” PS McNeil urged.

Emphasizing accountability in reaching the targets of the ministry in timely performance, the PS urged health and medical workers that they are all in this journey together, they are all in this mission together and they all have their roles to play.

“Can we have some national targets and provincial targets that our area zones can rise up and hit the provincial targets? All our provincial targets to hit the national targets, which can contribute to our regional and global target.

“Let us move forward with our goals, our targets, our journeys and as s group collective team, we support and help each other.”

She thanked all the hardworking staffs for their efforts and achievements so far, however she said that they have to go extra miles to deliver the best they can.