Availability of Water Supply Rises Community Spirit

Linnet Lifo'ota of Buma Community in West Kwaio washing household utensils under a running water tap.


SINCE water is an essential resource of the Buma Community in the West Kwaio region of Malaita province, the Australian government has previously funded a major milestone water supply project to improve the quality of the people’s lives in the rural area.

In 2009, the water supply project was made possible from the major role played by the Buma Catholic Parish in the negotiations for the establishment of a proper water dam and the availability of several standpipes with taps for villagers to essentially use for drinking, swimming, and cooking.

A female youth representative of the Buma Community, Linnet Lifo’ota described the established water supply project as a major milestone achievement that has provided the community’s basic survival and essential need that was never achieved over the past decades.

She said at the moment the water tap is in front of my house but in the past, my family would often fetch water from an isolated location, which is quite far from our community and we have to travel long distances to reach the water source.

“It is almost 11 years from now since the water supply project was established in 2009. The essential accessibility of water supply has hugely improved our rural community standard of living.

“While it’s a great privilege and blessing, the water supply has provided some much-needed relief for our rural population, we are very thankful and happy for the availability of water because it has improved our livelihood,” he said.